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January 16, 2007

Why this blog?

I like crafts. I fold paper into pretty sculptures, I glue pictures to magnets, I turn clay into eating vessels. Yet somehow I have escaped turning yarn into clothing. That's right, while a lot of my friends, we of the ballyhooed (and hooey-booed) Generation Y (yarn?) were getting their sticks on, I ignored the trend and puttered happily at the potters wheel. But witness my friend Diva, not too long after she joined a knitting circle, waltzing around in a coulda-sworn-it-came-from-gap-but-what?-she-made-that?! hoodie, and other friends were casually displaying their garment making genius with apparently little effort, then I too yearned to put sheeps fur to better use. But now I live across the country, and I'm intimidated by the advanced clacking of my friends' group, so I walked into a jo-ann fabrics (no, its not a drool-worthy lys, but i got the urge while shopping at trader joes and jo-ann was across the street) and picked up a skein and some 10.5s, took a book out of the library, and tried to knit. Well, it aint look like the pictures. So if you have some crappy knitting, and I don't mean the kind where you are trying to do some super advanced robot toy with 3 types of cables and 10 different colors and oops you missed a stitch, i mean heads up awful knitting, god please dont let her touch needles again knitting, then post it here.


Anonymous said...

cara I love you!

Anonymous said...

cara, you rule. when i completely f up the projects I'm starting to design (gulp!), you'll be the first to know!

Book Stud said...

Welcome to the fold babydoll!