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February 03, 2007

I Heart Coasters

After my extremely successful first project, I decided to try a pattern with knits and purls. This pattern came from the Stitch 'N Bitch book, and it would have looked good if i hadn't chosen a variegated color yarn.
You can see the pattern in the picture, but in real life it's really hard to see. I swear. Note, however, that my stitches are pretty damn good (for me, that is, especially compared to the green snarf).

Here is a closeup of the heart.

Any suggestions for what to do with it? I'm currently using it as a coaster, but a pink heart coaster doesn't really go with my modern sensibilities. Watch out, next I will be embroidering a "home sweet *retch* home" sampler.


will & veronique said...

i was hoping that i would get a matched set for valentine's day!

Diva said...

What's the yarn made of? I made chenille washcloths once...

Anonymous said...

Very nice,very nice!!